Portraits for Life Program…A Child of May


A Child of May “Delights in God”

“Delights in God” is a traditional color studio portrait that is classically lit to show the delicate features of the child. They grow up so fast! This little guy was soooo much fun to photograph but he only had about 20 minutes to share with us in the studio and he was DONE! Not surprising, the smallest ones always dictate the session. Thank you for participating in our Portraits for Life Program and happiest of 1st Birthday photos to you Mr. K!

Portraits for Life Program…April’s Child


April’s Child is “Blessed with Grace”

“Blessed with Grace” is a painted portrait that was done as part of our Portraits for Life Program. The whole process begins with a children’s portrait session that lasts about an hour and is all about having fun, playing dress up, and smiling for the camera. It is in the process of play and directed posing that the child and I get to know each other. When she eventually becomes comfortable she reveals a timeless pose, one that is not too smiley or silly and that will stand the test of time. Once that pose is selected from the proofs it is time for the painting process to begin. Dabs of color are added in digitally to the image and then manipulated with various brushes to create the painting. Next the image is printed on a canvas textured paper and this time painted with acrylic glazes by the artist to extend longevity and to enhance depth of color in the finished painting. It is then gallery framed for years of viewing enjoyment.

100 Bible Sticks for 100 Troops

Frame Gallery is raising money to help support our troops with an afternoon of art, wine and appetizers. The event will be held Saturday, November 5th from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm at Frame Gallery, located at 125 West Clark Ave/Orcutt Trade Center.

Your $25 ticket purchase includes a VIP reception to view new art by Heidi Gruetzemacher, music by Christ Centered Crew and a chance to win “An Old Town Evening for Eight”!

100% of proceeds from this event will go to support the troops by providing “Bible Sticks” that have the New Testament digitally recorded on them. Troops have been requesting these in numbers greater than our military chaplains are able to meet, and with your generosity you can help meet our goal of 100 Bible Sticks for 100 troops!

To learn more and purchase tickets, call (805) 287-9402.